Notice to the Counterparty Community


I'm running for election in the 2019 Counterparty Foundation.


I suspect I currently hold sufficient XCP to vote my own election seat into the foundation.


Democracy is one of the great things about America. Fair votes decide our officials.


If you live in any fair democracy government, you were born a little luckier than the rest.

I believe the CP Foundation is going to be one of the most important crypto foundations earth.


This is a big deal to the CP community.


Counterparty is a democracy and XCP is the votes.


My voting capacity in the election is approximately 6,000 votes.


I’m writing this notice to inform all voters I'm voting for myself.


I pride myself on being fair and honest.


Although election into the CP Foundation would truly be an honor for me, sneaking myself into it wouldn’t.


That’s not how I operate.


This is my public notice to the Counterparty Community and XCP holders that I plan to vote for myself.


If CP voters show up, my votes will have a small effect on the election outcome.


If CP voters don’t show up, my voting powers will have large implications on the future of the protocol. 


I encourage the best and brightest humans to apply.


I warn all exchange wallets to have a null vote. 




Search the VOTERYAN asset owner wallet at to find my voting address. 


Click here to view